Saturday, November 17, 2012



I find myself in an opium den 

And I find it is silhouetted 

Though I never smoked, never been here. 

Yet without fail, beyond the translucent curtains, 

Life and its pale shadow….move on 

I find myself drugged 

I am coherently, incoherent. 

It is the state of my well-being. 

I see an Arabian dancer, beyond the translucent curtain, 

Inside the opium den, as she dances 

She dances beyond my comprehension of vision… 

She dances at the farthest corner, beyond the curtains 

Given my frail vision, as she gyrates to the music, my vision floats 

Yet I see that tender Arabian 

Dancing….she chuckles somehow, 

The tune, the beat, and her body gyrating 

I’m getting intoxicated, even more, ever before. 

Given the shortfall, given the failing vision, 

Yet I see it all…to the farthest distance, I see it all 

Still, I rue not ‘seeing’ her. 

Her eyes, her body language, they all fail me. 

In a complete disregard, she dances, for her Glory 

For her intoxication, she dances….. 

The curtains still hold the view, and I, 

I miss her, I yearn for her. 

Drugged I am, enchanted is the feeling 

Yet nowhere to go, glued to my seat 

I can’t go past the curtains, 

The Arabian dancer has veils 

My curtained and veiled self. 

I am staring, yet seeing without the ability of clarity 

Denied. Even when I would stand, and look around, beyond… 

The Arabian dancer does not co-operate. 

Risking the life’s fallacies, kneading, giving without going 

How long will this ordeal last? 

My frame and my frail legs, fail me. 

Dejected, lost, yet not a complete given-up 

Wheel-chained, I’m drugged, I am ensnared. 

She is beautiful even when veiled. 

Most clever, she is the most cleverly beautiful. 

There she is hiding, (If my wishful thinking allows, may be lurking) 

There she stands, in a distances, with a laughter, contagious. 

With a charm infectious. 

With a wisdom 

With a vice 

With a beginning 

With a look 

With seduction 

With conviction 

With a dream 

With endeavours. 

With life 

With intoxication 

With power 

With belief. 

Yet silhouetted, yet out of reach. 

Yet beyond me 

Yet eclipsing my power of faculties 

Yet making me her crave of her attention. 

Yet unforgiving and astute 

The Arabian dancer intoxicates me, even more 

She is indescribable and I lie seduced 

Seduced to her charms. 

My faculties failing me, I’m falling, falling 

With no one to catch. 

Grilled, I’m petrified, in an illusion. 

I fear my fall, yet I want to fall. 

I now bring-forth my left energies, 

Calm myself, reason. 

Control and calm-myself 

Curb and Understand, is all I do. 

This Arabian dancer, it seems, 

Knows the art of wait and seduction 

Am I giving in, Am I given up. 

Or am I going to get out? 

Drugged I am. 

I want to un-drug myself to know. 

I want the power of my being, to know. 

I want the strength of faculties, to know. 

I want the desire of my good self, to know.