Sunday, March 17, 2013

Oh Apple

Ohh Apple!

Ohhh Apple!
You did fall from Grace.
yet you did gravitate.
And Newton shall forever be grateful

Then picked by an ancient doc
and given another 'emoticon'
put on the health's pedestal

Adam’s lump it is 
A bump it isnt
Guilty it said
'Guilt' there wasn't
Where is Lilith?
Lilith who teased Eve.
Serpent she became
Venomed it was.
Adam was doomed.
Eve was her second
Lilith was scorned
And hell hath no fury...

So it brings back to the hapless apple
Even the Baba-yagas poisoned them
Blamed for ages
Called the devil's fruit
When nature spiracle itself allows...
Apple is no fruit.

Doomed it was
cursed it is
Now the new doc says
it doesnt keep him away!

Benign, listless, lifeless
My poor apple, my poor myth
My poor his-tory, her-story
written, re-written, removed
How shall thou speak
When shall you speak
of your innocence.

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