Sunday, March 17, 2013


Wrote this a few years ago:
And a few phrases that I rhymed here were used in the poem 'Stone Pelter', since it befits and makes that even more meaningful.


The winter chill and the brown pale earth
now little damp due to dew 

how I long for the sunny days and its hue 
while wearing a pullover over my shirt 

falling leaves, a scent of mist 

how do I endure the pain of a winter chill? 

Love was the only way, and it remains still 

I dream of beautiful days and twinkle in her eyes 
when she wrapped herself to me 
Like the winter skin 
warmth it brought, solace it was when u were near to me 

I long for that touch and that radiant eyes 

the sparkle and its balminess in that frosty morning 
bringing that glow to that bitter chill 
enough heat to get out of slumber after long, cold nights. 

And here it is here again,

the winter chill and its pale damp earth 
But now there is nothing left to dream about. 

longing for your touch, your breath, your skin on mine. 

I am aloof now, and not at all calm this winter 
I have lost my composure this winter 
I have detached myself this winter 
I feel acute apathy this winter 
your unconcern, this stiffness is bleeding me this winter 
Your indifference has left me wrecked this winter 
I lay dying, while u remain frigid, this winter

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